Maltese Mix's Determination to Steal a Shoe Turns Into a Game of Tug-of-War

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It's no secret that dogs love to play. Whether they're offering you a ball to toss or are getting into trouble just to rouse a reaction out of you, there are so many ways our furry friends can entertain themselves--and you!

One precious black and white Maltese named Teddy managed to entertain thousands of people when he became determined to steal his dad's shoe. That's really all it took! As soon as he had his sights set on the shoe, or even just its laces, the feisty pup was giving it his all. The standoff turned into a whole game of tug-of-war between dad and dog!

Between Teddy's precious playing, his little growls, and his dad's Australian accent, the April 11 video has delighted so many people. Who knew naughtiness could be so adorable?

OMG! Teddy is such a little cutie pie! I bet he can get away with almost anything with a face like that, but at some point, boundaries have to be made. After all, that's how you train a puppy! Even so, no one blames the puppy's owners for capturing a few videos during the shoe-stealing phase. As naughty as it is, it's impossible to deny how cute it is too!

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It's no surprise to see Teddy's TikTok viewers gushing over every detail of the video. People admired everything from his playful growls to his dad's delightful accent. I have a feeling that the black and white dog could do no wrong in his fans' eyes.

Teddy, the Maltese dog, still has lots of puppy energy in him, so he may not be obsessed with shoes forever. Even so, some commenters aren't so helpful! One person shared, "My Maltese/Shih Tzu mix still does this at 9 years old," which could mean Teddy's parents are in for this chaos for a very, very long time.

How to Stop a Puppy from Stealing Shoes

Discouraging your puppy from stealing shoes won't happen overnight, but many dogs do get the hint rather quickly. The key is to help your dog understand that inappropriate behaviors, such as shoe stealing, don't get them what they want.

If your puppy steals shoes to get your attention, ignore them (as long as they are safe) until they drop the shoe. If your puppy is stealing shoes to chew on them, however, you'll want to provide them with other items to gnaw on instead. Teething can be uncomfortable for puppies, and chewing can alleviate some of the pain.

By paying a little bit of attention to your dog's body language, you'll be able to tell why your pup is so adamant about taking your shoes. If they're as determined as Teddy, though, you may need to prepare yourself to be patient throughout the process.

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