Sweet Pup Wags Tail with Joy After Waking From Nap to Find Mom Home

CC Milosz Aniol/Shutterstock

You are the best part of your dog's day. Yes you! Dogs love their humans so very much. So much so that one Golden Retriever wasn't even mad when his mama woke him up from a nap recently. Instead he pretty much had the exact opposite reaction.

There's no words for the special relationship 14-year-old Barney has with his mama. But the clip from TikTok really illustrates the bond that they share.

The video later shared on Barney's page, @barneysharland, shows the mama sweetly walking over to her senior dog while he was fast asleep. Now here is the proof that the Golden Retriever loves her, all mom did was put her hand in front of his nose and give him a few tender boops and Barney was well-aware that his mama was near. He woke up from his nap and was immediately so happy. His tail was wagging so hard it darn well nearly flew off.

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"MUMS HOME, if you can’t tell by my smile and tail wag," the video's caption jokes.

People in the comments section were so obsessed with their sweet relationship. "Dogs are angels they’re just so pure," wrote one person. "Pup woke up from a dream to live a dream," someone else teased. "He’s like OH HANG ON LET ME GET UP," joked one person. "That poochie was in a DEEEEEEP sleep," another commenter noted.

Signs You Are Your Dog’s Favorite Person

It's so clear that Barney's mama has stolen his heart. She is his sun! But if you live with more than one person, and your dog is friendly to everyone, it can be sort of hard to tell who their favorite is. Thankfully there are signs that will let you know when you're the favorite. And we've found some of our favorites and collected them for the curious.

It should be noted that dogs tend to bond with humans that care for them during their key socialization period (birth to six months), so if you're looking to start things off right make sure you care for them at this crucial time.

Things like your dog acting like your "shadow" (aka, like a "velcro dog") will let you know if they're feeling you. Another good sign is licking. Yes it might not be the most pleasant thing in the world to get licked on the mouth by your dog, but it is their way of showing affection and greeting you.

Or maybe your dog will be like Barney; thrilled to see you no matter what the circumstances are.

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